Meet The Artist 'Grace Murdock'

I thought I should properly introduce myself as I haven’t done so yet. My name is Grace and I have always enjoyed painting, but it was during Lockdown that I renewed my love for painting.

I find painting so therapeutic and I like to spend every evening painting in my studio -total bliss. I took a lot of local walks during Lockdown and saw the beauty of the local landscape. I took a lot of photographs and then painted the animals which I encountered on my walks.

I am fascinated by the beauty of nature and the animals living in the area. I try to capture the animal’s personality and beauty through my quirky and unique style. I hope I am spreading some joy and happiness through the art I produce.

Achievements & Awards

I graduated from the University of Ulster with a first class honours in Fine Art and then continued with my studies to complete a Masters in Fine Art.

I have exhibited my work throughout Europe and USA. I received a bursary from Aer Lingus to enter an Exhibition in New York where I was lucky to be reviewed by the New York Times.

I have also received a scholarship from the British Arts Council for an Exhibition in America.

I have won numerous awards for my art work including the RUA Audi Dealer prize in the RUA Exhibition.

I have also received bursaries from DENI to further my Art Education and to complete my Masters in Fine Art in the University of Ulster.

The University of Ulster also purchased my art work and is held as part of their collection.

I am very passionate about art and I also have ran a series of art classes for recreational use over the past 10 years to both adults and children. I regularly do Paint and Sip classes.

Grace's Art Studio

A fully equipped art studio which is set amongst the stunning views of the Mourne Mountains.